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What is specialty care in a non-medical home care setting?

Specialty care refers to non-medical home care services that are provided by caregivers who have received advanced training in specific conditions such as cancer, dementia, heart disease, stroke, pre and post-operative care, and others.

The choice between general home care and specialty care usually depends on the specific needs of a client. For individuals with general home care needs, general home care services are usually a good choice even when they have a health condition they can easily manage without help.

However, for individuals with chronic diseases and other conditions that require special care, specialty care comes highly recommended.

Benefits of specialty care:

Some of the benefits of specialty, non-medical home care include:

  • Access to high-quality caregivers with specialized training in the non-medical management of specific conditions.
  • Specialized client and family education by professionals with years of experience in treating and handling patients with the same condition as yours.
  • Specialized 24-hour long or short-term support.
  • Service supervision by professionals who have previously worked in a healthcare setting and understand your condition well.
  • Access to specialized services not available in most home care agencies.

Eliteservices Homecare is currently offering specialized home care in the following areas:

Non-Medical Cancer Care

Dementia Care

Stroke Care

Transitional Care

Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Specialty Care

Non-Medical, Late Prenatal and Postnatal Home Care

All our specialty care services are delivered under the supervision and direction of an RN.

To learn more about our specialty care services or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today.